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However, if these Rambo 5 story details end up true, it looks like Sylvester Stallone is bringing an epic journey to the big screen that will more than likely satisfy long-time fans.

08 Feb 145

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John Rambo is coming back, you guys. The fifth installment of the Rambo movie franchise is in production, and star Sylvester Stallone is keeping fans interested with photos of where his legendary character is going next.

08 Feb 145

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Starting in early October, the 72-year-old action star has been steadily releasing behind-the-scenes photos from the movie on Instagram, and needless to say, we're getting pumped. Most recently, Stallone revealed Rambo's "Heartstopper" knife, which does indeed look like it could live up to its name

08 Feb 145

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And a few hours before that, the actor revealed that it had been "a very tough shoot." "I am missing family and home, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it," he wrote in the caption.